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Guanajuato’s Culinary Offering delights the palate and the Eyes


Guanajuato, also referred to as Mexico’s Cultural Destination, draws in visitors for a variety of reasons. The state has several beautiful backdrops for the ideal fairytale wedding, and there are endless options to indulge in delicious food and drinks during a vacation. From adventure to relaxation, there’s something for everyone.


The State of Guanajuato has a lot to uncover when it comes to gastronomy. Tourists visiting at any time of year have plenty of options for dining and drinking their way through their vacation.

Throughout the regions, visitors will find traditional dishes like the famous “enchiladas mineras” as well as Otomi and Purepecha cuisine. There are three different categories of food available to try: street cuisine, traditional cuisine and signature cuisine, and all three are a must.




Throughout Guanajuato, tourists will find a variety of local markets, and it’s important to give all of them a try, as each one uses different ingredients and has various flavors to share. In Guanajuato City’s historic center, travelers will find endless eateries during a stroll down Truco Street, Alonso Street, Plaza de la Paz, Sopeña and Plazuela del Baratillo. All of them are great options for local menu items.




Photo: Hacmans at Amatte Wellnest Community

During a visit to San Miguel de Allende, fresh regional ingredients are always on offer at the restaurants. Many restaurants also have terraces that allow people to enjoy the historic views while dining.


Whether it’s downtown Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, León or another area, the cuisine will not disappoint. In addition to tasty food, visitors can pair their meals with a delicious bottle of wine along the way.

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